Keep in mind the line from "You've Got Mail" about a arrangement of sharpened pencils? It's time for school, and that bouquet might come in handy about now. In years past, our school has always distributed the school supply list two days before school started. This drove me insane. For something, it just provided me one day to go get exactl… Read More

One key to maintaining the employees satisfied is by maintainingthem comfortable in the office that they operate in. The morecomfortable they are, the much less stress that they really feel whenreporting for work.Moreover, less tension means better efficiency ontheir part and better profits on the part of the companies.When seeking a comfortable of… Read More

Here it is, the middle of summer season, and somebody points out Back to School Furniture. How can that be when the temperature level tops 100 degrees? But it's true, while the kids are delighting in summer season camps and parks, the school systems are preparing for the next academic year.Now is the time for school administrators to be identifying… Read More